All of the hours of training and work have earned Joyce many titles and certifications. Her commitment to better health has led Joyce to participate statewide, nationally and internationally. She is a member and/or licensed as follows; member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA nationally- 1989), massage therapist (TX-1989), massage therapy continued education provider (TX- 2010), massage instructor (TX-1991), massage establishment (TX-1989), National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB member nationally-1993), NCBTMB continuing education provider (nationally 2009), colon hydro therapist (nationally 1989), I-ACT member (1992 & internationally- 2001), I-ACT instructor (Nationally and internationally- 1995), I-ACT school (Nationally 1995-2011), National Board for Colon Hydro Therapy (NBCHT) member and continuing education provider (nationally 2004), massage therapy continuing education provider (FL 2003), Cosmetology (TX- 1970), Certified Coach Practitioner (Nationally 2010),Certified Practitioner of the Pastoral Medicine Association (PMA Internationally- 2011).

Joyce is a prominent businesswoman, in addition to providing services, education, and training, she still finds time to run her business Joyce Long and Associates Wellness Institute (1987). She has two locations, one in Houston and the second in Rosenberg serving the Houston medical community through referrals from 3 hospitals and 21 doctors of which 8 are specialists and recently received the USCA “Best of Local Business” award (2011). She never forgets where her roots are and is committed to service for others. Joyce is active in a variety of Houston/Rosenberg charities. She has been a long time member of Compassion In Action (1999) and provides Hospice Caregiver/Caretaker. She is a Reverend through the Universal Life Church (1994) Joyce was Woman of the Year- American Biographical Institute (1996) and the International Who’s Who (1995). Joyce Long is a forerunner in massage, colon hydro therapy, alternative health and wellness.

Anyone working under Joyce Long has the highest certifications available.