The Avalon Quantum

Series Light Sessions

The Quantum Series uses light therapy to increase circulation, reduce pain, promote cell regeneration, speed up the healing process, stimulate the release of ATP and nitric oxide, and detoxifies the system. The Quantum Series is a family of flexible LED pads with unlimited positioning that supply the body with non-invasive therapeutic light. Infused with Nogier, Sine, Schumann, Solfeggio and Standing/Quantum Zero Point frequencies providing 500 total LEDs of light energy. Made with the latest high power diodes on the market. While it reduces pain and increases circulation, light therapy does not work for every person. 

       DISCLAIMER: This system is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or

        prevent disease. If you have a disease or medical condition, consult with your

        physician or health practitioner before using The Quantum Series.


Proud Distributors of Photon Sound and MAGI High Frequency Equipment

The Photon Sound Beam

and MAGI High Frequency Equipment

Stimulates and assists, balanced circulation of the Blood, Lymph, and Chi.

Can discourage infections anywhere in and on the body.

Can help dissolve masses.

Can help break stubborn patterns and addiction “Reruns”.

May help facilitate breakthroughs in obstinate chronic conditions of all kinds.

Breaks up blockages and relieves stagnation on the

physical and various other levels.

Relieves aches and pains generally and specifically.

Relieves swellings and local inflammation.

Addresses chronic inflammation throughout the body.

Discourages fungal and yeast overgrowth internally and topically.

Is the most effective means of accessing, mobilizing and purifying the lymph.

…The lymphatic system is critical to health.  

It doesn’t have a central pump but relies on micro-muscular stimulation, deep breathing and physical movement to keep it in motion. Many influences in the modern world serve to thicken the fluid and slow its flow. It is key that we do what we can to ensure the happy free-flow of the lymph.

Virtually everyone benefits from healthful lymph stimulation. The more sedentary or ill a person is, the more important is healthful lymph stimulation. Opens up channels of elimination “appropriately”. Has provided impressive results with fibromyalgia, joint stiffness, poor circulation, etc. Provides an “energy massage”. Is a fortifying adjunct to massage, chiropractic care, internal cleanse/detox program, Colonic irrigation, and flexibility, aerobic, and resistance exercises.

Disclaimer**** The use of this instrument should not replace the advice or care of your doctor.  Your doctor should answer all medical questions that you may have. We don’t accept responsibility for this instrument, nor do we prescribe or diagnose. ****