Joyce Long’s Wellness Institute Policy


We cannot guarantee that you may receive an appointment the same day you call, However, we do encourage you to check with us when you feel spontaneous, we just may have a time slot available just for you. If you wish to have regular weekly or monthly appointments, it is suggested that you choose a day and time, and we may hold that time slot just for you upon availability. Please remember we recommended that you make appointments at least one week in advance when possible.

Cancellations and Confirmations:

WE REQUEST AT LEAST 24 HOURS ADVANCE NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT CANCELLATION. We must receive a live verbal confirmation or message left on our 24-Hour Answering service in order for us to hold your appointment that has been reserved for you. If we do not receive a verbal confirmation we will consider you a “No Show” and you will be charged 100% of the rate for the service or services booked. Repetitive short notice (4-6 hours prior to scheduled time) cancellations will also be charged at the “No Show” 100% rate of the service or services booked. Thank you for understanding that we make our living by reserving time for our clients. We make every effort to schedule enough time for each appointment so as to be on time for your appointment. Please note that your service starts promptly at the time scheduled. Example: If your Appointment is at 1:00pm you must be here at least 15 minutes prior as your service starts promptly at 1:00.  If you are dissatisfied in any way with your experience with us, please let us know so that we may serve you better in the future. Our only hope is that you will enjoy your time here so that you may tell others what a wonderful experience you had with us.

Because of the Customer We Exist! THANK YOU!

Late Arrivals:

In the event that you are running late for an appointment, we do request a telephone call to inform us. If you call and reach our Answering Service please leave a message. . If you are late up to and including 15 minutes, we will go ahead with your therapy. After 15 minutes, first time clients will need to reschedule and established clients will be allowed their remaining time.  You will still be charged the full amount.

Purchases, Returns, and Refunds:

No refunds after purchase. All herbal products are not returnable. No refunds on pre paid services or packages. All pre paid services and/or packages must be redeemed within 90 days of purchase.

Before/After Regular Hours Charges:

An additional charge of $10.00 will be added to sessions that are booked before, after, or extended into regular Institute hours.